Chairman’s Report

The Annual Parish Assembly was held on 6 April 2021. The Chair of the Council gave his report on the Council’s activities during the last year and can be read here:

Solitary Soldier

The Solitary Soldier silhouette has now been placed permanently on the traffic island at Mill Lane. The village gardening club is now looking to enhance the silhouette with some suitable planting.

Playing Field and Village Green

GRANT APPLICATION FOR NEW EQUIPMENT – The Parish Council’s application for grant funding for new adult fitness equipment has been successful and new equipment has been ordered. The new cradle swings have been installed.

PLAY AREA – Consideration has been given to issues flagged up by a recent ROSPA inspection report. Some rubbing down and repainting of equipment will be undertaken later in July.

DRONES – The Council has adopted a policy preventing use of drones on the playing field. There is concern around public safety issues and also possible breach of privacy for residents in adjacent properties. The policy can be found here

CAR PARK – Work has taken place to improve the surface of the car park.

VILLAGE GREEN – The Millennium bench has been repaired and treated with preservative.

INSURANCE CLAIMS – The Parish Council’s insurers have been investigating two claims for subsidence to buildings in relation to oak trees in the playing field. The Parish Council has now been told the trees must be felled and quotes for the work will be obtained.

Speeding in the Village

The Trucam Patrols operated by Maldon District Council which aim to catch people speeding through the village are ongoing. There were 3 captures in May.

It is hoped that Community Speedwatch sessions will commence again soon now that lockdown restrictions have been eased.

The Parish Council has made an application to the Local Highways Panel for a portable Speed Indicator Device for the village.

Highways and Footpaths

WALKABLE VERGE TO VILLAGE HALL – A request has been made to the Local Highways Panel for a walkable verge from the playing field car park to St Nicholas Hall. We have been advised that the scheme cannot be carried out due to insufficient space along the edge of the road. At some point in the future the issue of integrating the Hall and the playing field should be discussed with Parochial Church Council.

PARKING AT THE VILLAGE HALL – Anyone using the Village Hall is reminded that they can park at The Bell Pub to prevent cars having to park along the road.

DAMAGED ROAD SIGNS – A number of damaged road signs have been reported to Essex Highways. However, we have been told that these are not considered a priority for repair.

APPLICATION FOR VEHICLE LICENCE AT WICKS FARM – It is now undestood that the processing plant operated by Stigs Grab Services has had its permission withdrawn by the land owner.

FOOTPATH REPAIRS – Two bridges have been repaired on Footpath 14 and the right of way from Witham Road to Bakers Lane. At the December meeting it was agreed that a number of damaged footpath signs and rights of way which have not been reinstated after cultivation will be reported to Essex County Council. It is noted that there is a sign advising of dogs running loose on the footpath at New Farm Beckingham Street. A walker using this path was attacked by dogs and the matter is now with the Police and Essex County Council footpath enforcement.

LITTER – It was reported that ditches in Church Road are full of empty drink cans. An attempt will be made to find out who is responsible for dumping this litter.

The Parish Council is extremely grateful to the ladies who have been litter picking in and around the village. Bags, fluorescent jackets and litter pickers will be obtained for them to use and members of the Parish Council will assist with marshalling on the busier roads.

The Parish Council discussed supporting an annual litter picking weekend which could take place once restrictions are lifted.


POST COVID VILLAGE PARTY – A provisional date of 22 August has been set for the party and further discussions will take place after the lifting of restrictions on the 19th July.