Chairman’s Report

The Annual Parish Assembly was held on 5 April 2022. The Chair of the Council gave his report on the Council’s activities during the last year and can be read here:

Solitary Soldier

The Solitary Soldier silhouette has now been placed permanently on the traffic island at Mill Lane. A replacement ‘Lest We Forget’ sign has been installed.

Playing Field and Village Green

PLAY AREA – Consideration has been given to issues flagged up by a recent ROSPA inspection report. Councillors have carried out some rust proofing and repainting of equipment and this will be completed soon.

PLAYING FIELD TREES – Following the cutting down of four oak trees due to subsidence claims, the Parish Council has arranged for replacement trees to be planted. A total of ten trees have been sponsored by people in the village which were planted in April. A watering rota has been set up. The plaques for each tree will be put in place at a ceremony during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

NEW NOTICE BOARD – Funding for a new village notice board to be put on the Village Green has been included the 2022/23 budget.

Speeding in the Village

The annual summary of the Trucam reports in the village showed a total of 25 captures over the year 2021/2022.  Out of a total of 25 captures, 3 drivers were prosecuted, 20 sent on speed awareness courses and 2 made conditional offers of courses or prosecution.  The Trucam patrols will continue for the forthcoming year.

Community Speedwatch sessions have now re-commenced. An enquiry has been made as to whether “ Speedwatch Active Here” signs can be put up in the village.

The Parish Council is starting the process to purchase a mobile speed device for the village.

Highways and Footpaths

PARKING AT THE VILLAGE HALL – Anyone using the Village Hall is reminded that they can park at The Bell Pub to prevent cars having to park along the road.

DAMAGED ROADS / SIGNS – The poor state of the carriageway in Sawyers Road has been reported to Highways.

The demolished sign outside St Nicholas Hall has again been reported to Highways but is not considered a priority for repair work despite the fact that large lorries going to the Business Park are now driving over the hole on the bennett island in the centre of the junction.

A Councillor has conducted a survey of Witham road and identified 24 potholes. Photographs and details were sent to Essex County Councillors Lee Scott (Cabinet Member for Highways) and Councillor Mark Durham. A reply has been received from Councillor Lee Scott but it does not offer much hope that repairs will be carried out in the near future.

LITTER – The Parish Council is extremely grateful to the ladies who have been litter picking in and around the village. Bags, fluorescent jackets and litter pickers will be obtained for them to use and members of the Parish Council will assist with marshalling on the busier roads.

The Parish Council discussed supporting an annual litter picking weekend which could take place once restrictions are lifted.

PARKING IN BECKINGHAM STREET – The Parish Council continues to monitor the situation and will consider making a new application for parking restrictions if the situation worsens.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

A street party is planned in the village in June to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. A committee of villagers has been formed to organise the event to be held on Friday 3rd June in the road between the village hall and the crossroads. Attractions will include face painting, a bouncy castle and a band and barbeque at the The Bell in the evening.

Community Broadband

County Broadband are looking to commence a project to bring Full Fibre to Property (FFTP) broadband to Tolleshunt Major. Further details and an opportunity to register interest can found at their website

Ukraine Crisis

A working group has been established to co-ordinate offers of help and accommodation for refugees from Ukraine. The Parish Council has registered interest as an organisation and further information from Government is awaited. If you are interest in helping to provide support and / or accommodation please contact either Councillor Tony Payne of Councillor Karen Neath.

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