Chairman’s Report

The Annual Parish Assembly was held on 9 April 2024. The Chair of the Council gave his report on the Council’s activities during the last year and can be read here:

Solitary Soldier

The Solitary Soldier silhouette has now been placed permanently on the traffic island at Mill Lane. A replacement ‘Lest We Forget’ sign has been installed. Some Poppy stakes alongside the traditional wreath were installed for Remembrance Sunday. These have now been removed for safe keeping but will be put out again next year.

Playing Field and Village Green

PATH FROM THE CAR PARK TO THE VILLAGE HALL – The Parish Council has agreed to liaise with the Church Council to investigate the possibility of a new, lit footpath from the car park to the village hall. The aim is to to be able to enhance the usage of the village hall. Quotes for the work have been requested and funding is being reviewed.

Speeding in the Village

The Parish Council is looking into the purchase a mobile speed device for the village. Sources of funding are being investigated. A survey has being undertaken to gauge the opinion of residents on getting a speed device and which showed overwhelming support. Costings have been obtained from a number of suppliers and grant funding is now been sought. An application to approve three sites for a mobile speed device has been made to Essex Highways.

Highways and Footpaths

DAMAGED ROADS / SIGNS – A meeting has been held with Priti Patel MP to discuss our request for repair to the traffic island outside the village hall and the wider impact of large HGV on the roads and infrastructure in and around the village.

TRANSPORT STRATEGY – Essex Highways has launched a strategy for the further of transport in the Maldon District. More information can be found here

An open day will held on the 15th June 2024 between 11am and 1pm in the snug at the Village Hall for residents to come and meet their Parish Councillors to find out more about what the Parish Council does and to raise any issues or concerns.

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