Agendas and Minutes

The agendas and minutes for the current and previous year are available here. If you wish to have sight of an agenda or minutes for other years please contact the Parish Clerk here.

At present meetings are taking place remotely via Zoom. The Parish Council has undertaken to purchase a Zoom update. This will allow uninterrupted meetings to take place and, when face to face are resumed, will still allow those who are unable to physically join the meeting to take part.

Agendas and Minutes for 2021/22

Annual Meeting of 6 April 2021

Meeting of 6 April 2021

Agendas and Minutes for 2020/21

Meeting of 7 April 2020

No meeting held due to the Covid-19 outbreak

No meeting held due to the Covid-19 outbreak

Meeting of 26 May 2020

Meeting of 21 July 2020

Meeting of 1 September 2020

Meeting of 6 October 2020

Meeting of 3 November 2020

Meeting of 1 December 2020

Meeting of 5 January 2021

Meeting of 2 February 2021

Meeting of 2 March 2021